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Banquet Fee Schedule:  /files/1142332/Community Center Rental Fees

Banquet Rental Contract: /files/1142331/Banquet Hall Rental

Committee Info: /files/1051475/Committee Contacts

Request for Expense Reimbursement  Expense_Request.pdf

Brookshire Contractors List    Contractor_Revised_List.pdf

Landscape or building change:   /files/1155977/landscape-building-change.pdf

Complaint Form:  RevisedComplaintFormJuly2012.pdf

Layout with house Numbers:  /files/1128662/Layout with House Numbers

Lot Numbers / Layout:  Brookshire_Lot_Numbers_and_Layout.pdf

Brookshire Models / Floorplans  Brookshire_Models.pdf

Service Request:  RequestForService.pdf

Payment Options Monthly Land Lease: LandLeasePaymentOptions.pdf

Community Center Event Request form:  Event_Request_Form.pdf

Land Lease Agreement:   LandLeaseAgreement.pdf

Rules/Regulations Section "C"   BrookshireRulesandRegsJanuary2014.pdf

Recycle sheet for Good’s Disposal  Goods_Recycle_2018.pdf

Instructions and Guidelines for submitting news: :  /files/1090065/communitynewseventsguidelines-updated.pdf