Community News & Events 

 JUNE 11, 2021 – JUNE 18, 2021 

Coffee Shop :  We will continue to practice minimal contact and servers will take your order and deliver the food to you. When you come into the coffee shop, stop at the coffee table, pay for your meal and a volunteer will get you your choice of coffee, then have a seat and a server will take your order. Please continue to bring correct change.  



June 17 – Bagels & muffins 

June 18 - Baked Oatmeal 

June 19 - Pancakes & Sausage 

June 24 – Bagels & Muffins 

June 25 – Quiche 

June 26 – Bruffins 

Birthday Special returning - We will be restarting our Birthday special this week.  Every Brookshire resident is eligible for a free breakfast meal the week of your birthday. Sign in on the sheet by the coffee station. For this year only - those residents whose birthday was in January thru May, can choose any day in June for their free birthday meal.  

Showcasing community resident’s talent continues :  Three community resident’s artwork will continue to be on display on the walls of the lower level of the community center for the next few months. They are: Judy Mullen, Sandra Sigley and Trudi Sine. Judy Mullen has also brought in a collection of her photos made into greeting cards for anyone to purchase. 4 for $10.00 or 1 for $3.50. - Check them out! 

Library News:  Thank you to all of our residents who have generously donated books to our library. Since we have so many new books each month we have had to make some changes to how they are shelved. 

From this date, June 10th, all Newly Acquired books will be on the counter where we previously had free books.  This allows us more room on the hardback shelves.  The free books are now on the counter right outside of the pool room.  Returned books will no longer be disinfected, they will just be re-shelved.