Brookshire Coffee Shop


Coffee Shop Hours

The official opening of the coffee shop will be on Friday,  April 30th, on the lower level of the Community Center, with the option of a bagel or a muffin with a cup of coffee for $2.00. On Saturday, May 1st we will serve french toast and sausage with coffee for $3.00. The weekend before we will be open for a practice run.  Friday, April 23 will be a muffin or bagel with coffee for $2.00. Saturday, April 24th we will serve a Bruffin breakfast sandwich for $3.00. PLEASE BRING CORRECT CHANGE.  NO PHONE ORDERS - TAKE OUT AVAILABLE. 


The coffee shop will be open from 8:30 till 10 am with indoor and outdoor seating - dress a little warmer if you prefer outdoor seating. A MASK IS REQUIRED until you are seated at a table. Then a volunteer server will come to your table to take your order and your money. We are striving for a touch free service. We are using all disposable plates, utensils and coffee cups, and we will ask that you throw your own paper goods away after you have finished eating on your way out of the coffee shop. You may bring your own coffee mug to use if you so desire. If you are not feeling well, or have any symptoms of a cold or other illness, please do not come to the coffee shop until you are back to health or have a negative covid test. 

Upcoming Openings

   Beverage included in price

Fri 23   Muffins & Bagels   $2.00
Sat 24   Bruffin Breakfast Sandwich   $3.00
Fri 30   Muffins & Bagels   $2.00
Sat 1   French Toast & Sausage   $3.00